We are thrilled to announce our upcoming offering: Photobooth On The Go. We are renovating this 1972 Shasta RV into a state of the art mobile photo booth. Renovations will take place in July/August and this baby will be ready to come to your Dallas, Fort Worth, and DFW event in September. Follow the progress of the renovations here on the blog or on Instagram @Photoboothonthego! Here’s the first “before” photo. Stay tuned!


This Southlake TX wedding was full of pink and romance! The bride Carrie is not only one of the most prestigious cosmetic surgeons in Dallas, but also one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She and Glean had a fun, romantic wedding surrounded by family and friends. Their ceremony was held at Whites Chapel Wedding in Southlake, TX.  The reception was at the Trophy Club Country Club in Trophy Club, TX. The event was expertly executed by the amazing planners at Refined Romance Events. The GORGEOUS flowers were done by Haute Poppies Wedding Flowers Dallas. My favorite part was the wall of pink roses!! Here are a few favs from the day:

Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-7-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-10-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-17-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-3-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-8-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-9-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-13-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-4-2 2017-05-16_0016 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-2-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-18-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-14-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-22-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-29-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-30-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-25-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-23-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-28-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-27-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-31-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-32-2 2017-06-06_0004 2017-06-06_0005 2017-06-06_0006 2017-06-06_0007 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-14 2017-06-06_0008 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-13 2017-06-06_0009 2017-06-06_0010 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-1 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-12-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-10 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-12 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-18 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-21Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-23 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-23 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-24 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-25 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-26 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-28 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-34 2017-05-16_0017 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-36-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-34-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-37-2 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-37 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-31 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-35 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-36Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-33 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-33 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-38 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-39 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-40 Carrie+Glen-13May17-Favs-41

Mike and Kristin’s traditional Serbian orthodox wedding was performed by Kristin’s dad a the St. Constantine and Helen Orthodox Church in Carrollton, TX (a suburb of Dallas). A few cool Serbian traditional traditions that they incorporated into the day:

  • The ceremony included both the bride and groom wearing traditional crowns.
  • They walked 3 times around the altar to represent their first steps as man and wife.
  • After the ceremony, guests threw coins at the couple as a wish of future prosperity.

The bride’s stunning dress was capped off my an amazing caplet from BHLDN.

The reception was at the Plaza Arts Center, also in Carrollton. A live band set the tone for a fun and relaxed evening. Here are a few favs from their day.

2017-06-05_0001 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-1 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-2 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-3 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-4 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-7 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-8 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-9 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-10 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-11 2017-06-05_0002 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-14 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-15 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-16 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-17 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-18 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-19 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-20 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-21 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-22 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-23 2017-05-16_0018 SSP_7255 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-24 2017-06-05_0003 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-25 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-28 SSP_5816 SSP_5821 SSP_5823 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-31 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-35 Kristin+Mike-29Ap17-Favs-37 2017-06-05_0004