Anadina+Vincent: Vintage-Inspired Staten Island Wedding

Anadina Gratereaux is one of NY’s most sought after wedding planners (… so needless to say her intimate Staten Island wedding was spectacular. She wore a stunning vintage gown that she expertly modified to fit her modern day sensibility. Her two children wrote amazing notes on the bottom of her shoes… so sweet. The ceremony was held in a local Staten Island park followed by happy hour, lunch, and cake at Beso Spanish Cuisine. Here are a few favs from the day:

Anadina+Vincent Sneak Peek-12017-07-28_0001Anadina+Vincent Sneak Peek-5Anadina+Vincent Sneak Peek-2Anadina+Vincent Sneak Peek-13Anadina+Vincent Sneak Peek-15Anadina+Vincent Sneak Peek-14Anadina+Vincent Sneak Peek-82017-07-28_0003Anadina+Vincent Sneak Peek-9Anadina+Vincent Sneak Peek-25Anadina+Vincent Sneak Peek-102017-07-28_0004Anadina+Vincent Sneak Peek-19Anadina+Vincent Sneak Peek-24Anadina+Vincent Sneak Peek-27